If you're at risk of having rattlesnakes in your yard, Snakes on a Plain can help! We install specialized fencing, usually by modifying an existing fence. Our product is used in the most snake-dense areas of Arizona and seals your yard so that there is no gap larger than .5" – although most times, we seal to just .25"!


We use a galvanized steel mesh, in combination with techniques such as trenching, galvanized steel components for gates, and even concrete work. There is no standard job, and all of our fittings are customized for your property, and created on site.

We service residential and industrial properties in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and everywhere between! Call or email us today for a detailed risk assessment of your property. We'll tell you whether rattlesnakes are a concern at your location, and give you a risk score to help you decide if snake fencing is right for you.