Learning about snakes can be fun! Industrial safety training doesn't have to be boring!

Protecting people - Saving snakes

Snakes on a Plain offers interactive snake safety presentations designed for your specific audience. Featuring fun myth-busting games, prizes and hands-on activities, participants come away with the knowledge and confidence to work and play safely in Alberta's rattlesnake country. Whether for a group of local gardeners or a massive construction project, we ensure everyone leaves feeling informed and empowered.

"Your presentation was an absolute game-changer for me. I'm no longer afraid of finding a rattlesnake and in fact, I'm looking forward to seeing one now!" ~ Jake K., construction worker.

We also offer field training and tours in which participants are have the opportunity to see wild rattlesnakes and learn how to safely encounter one without incident. This training is ideal for the energy sector, surveyors, backcountry users, and just about anyone interested in learning about these unique animals. These sessions book up quickly, so contact us to reserve your training and tour today!

"An absolutely wild, incredible experience. A true safari of the Canadian prairie - I cannot recommend it enough." ~ Sonia P.

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