What we do is pretty simple. We help snakes by helping people.
• Emergency snake removal and relocation.

• Den location and snake activity surveys.

• Industrial safety plans for workers.

• Spot the Snake driver avoidance training for high-traffic projects.

• Industrial and residential snake safety fencing.

• Interactive snake safety education and training.

• Public outreach and education.

• Catios. (Ok, sometimes we help cats, too!)



Our name says it all – we specialize in snakes on the Canadian plains. Trust our years of experience with Crotalus viridis, the prairie rattlesnake, and how it interacts with Alberta's most unique landscapes. 
We are focused, experienced and thorough. We know rattlesnakes, we know how and where to find them, and we know how to keep them – and your team – safe.

You can't afford delays and we make sure the job is done right the first time. Whether you need a hibernacula survey, snake safety training or a snake protection plan, if you're working in Alberta, Snakes on a Plain has you covered. 

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If you're at high risk of having rattlesnakes migrate, or seek food and shelter in your yard or work site, you might want to consider snake fencing. Snake fencing works with your existing fence to provide an effective and low-maintenance barrier between your yard and the great outdoors that won't obstruct your view. Snake fencing can greatly reduce your risk, allowing children and pets to safely enjoy the backyard again. We custom fabricate solutions on-site that work with your aesthetic to completely enclose your space, including any gates.
We also install snake fencing for industry and at public recreation sites. All quotes include installation and materials.

Snakes on a Plain will never recommend snake fencing unless the medium-to-high risk criteria of our risk assessment is met.

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Snakes on a Plain is pleased to offer engaging, informative and interactive safety education and training. Presentations are tailored to each audience, are age appropriate and even include prizes! Themes include what to do in a snake encounter, how to identify a rattlesnake, what to do if you come face-to-face (or foot) with a rattler, what to do in a medical emergency, and a run-down of Alberta's other creepy-crawlies such as the black widow and northern scorpion.

Our information and materials have been reviewed by biologists, and is based on best practices, and published science.

Contact us today for pricing and available dates!

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We really like spiders, but we understand that we're a little weird that way. If you need a spider removed or identified, we've got your back. (And its back too!)

Most times, the spider is going to be harmless. The only medically significant spider in Alberta is the western black widow. If you need a definitive ID or just simply don't want to deal with a spider, we're here for you.
Hint:  It won't be a brown recluse. They don't occur in Alberta or even Canada. But it might be a black widow – we do have those, and we love them!