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Professional, passionate, experienced.

Our name says it all – we specialize in snakes on the Canadian plains. Trust our years of experience with Crotalus viridis, the prairie rattlesnake, and how it interacts with Alberta's most unique landscapes.

We are focused, experienced and thorough. We know rattlesnakes, and we know how, when and where to find them. 

Whether you need a hibernacula survey, an Alberta snake protection plan, safety training, rattlesnake relocation or on-site support, Snakes on a Plain has you covered. 

We are licensed by Alberta Environment and Parks to legally, safely and responsibly relocate rattlesnakes when necessary. And when it comes to surveys, hire the experts who spend all their free time studying Alberta's snakes. Our expertise means your project can go forward without delay and you can rest assured you will have bullet-proof snake protection plan.

We know what to look for to identify snake habitat, signs of snake activity and important habitat features such as dens, migration stops, summer sheltering spots, rookeries, gestation sites and dens.

We also offer site safety plans, traffic management planning to reduce road mortalities, worker snake safety training, Spot the Snake driver avoidance courses for high-traffic sites, and much, much more.

We are passionate about protecting people and saving snakes and offer a one-stop solution for snake species at risk management.

You can rely on our experience to get the job done right – the first time. 

Protecting people - Saving snakes