We now offer licensed snake relocation for residential and commercial properties in southern Alberta. If there is a snake in danger, call us at 403-627-9108. Trust Alberta's rattlesnake experts!

While most jurisdictions have bylaw officers who are legally able to perform residential relocations, sometimes there is no one available to help, especially during evenings and weekends. While you wait for a qualified, legal relocation, keep children and pets away from the rattlesnake and try to keep an eye on it to see where it goes, or if it leaves the premises. (Often they will leave of their own accord, especially during the migratory periods of spring and late summer/fall.

Industrial sites sometimes must wait for several hours or even days before a qualified, permitted individual can come to site and assess or handle a snake. Trust Snakes on a Plain, southern Alberta's rattlesnake specialists, to keep your workers safe and your project on time!

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