What the heck is a catio? It's an outdoor, enclosed safe play space for your favourite four-legged friends! We custom-build these enclosures based on your needs and your space. Often, they're connected to your home through a window or a cat door to allow your cat to visit the great outdoors whenever they feel like it. Inside your catio, you'll find perches, ramps, toys, and even a cat grass planter! We try to include natural elements like log slices and real bark for scratch posts.


Cats that are allowed to roam freely outdoors are at risk of disease, injury and death. Outdoor/indoor cats live an average of five years. Indoor cats often live to be 18. That's a huge difference! 

Owls, rattlesnakes, coyotes and cars are some of the threats your cat may face, but other cats are a huge problem too. Cats get in fights with one another, often resulting in expensive vet bills for infection and wound drainage. 


But letting Mr. Kitty outside doesn't just put him at risk – you're also risking the health of your family. When cats kill wild animals, they can pick up parasites and diseases and bring it home to you. The list of potential health problems cats can pass to their humans is so long, the Centre for Disease Control has a dedicated page for it. (please embed the following link into the words "dedicated page" )

And if you're not sold on the idea of a catio just yet, consider that the domestic cat is responsible for the direct extinction of 63 wild animal species and counting. Domestic cats also have the dubious distinction of killing as many 350 million songbirds in Canada every single year – and song bird populations have declined 40% in the prairies recently, so they need all the help they can get! 

Often, people will say that their cat is made to be outside, and all cats hunt and it's just the circle of life. But imagine if we said the same things about our dogs? They'd be killing deer and all kinds of larger wildlife, and they too would be bringing home more parasites and diseases. Likewise, what if we let our cattle roam free, not enclosed by fences or gates? We'd have highway collisions, and a whole lot of fertilizer in places we wouldn't want it.

Domestic animals are no longer a part of nature, or the ecosystem. It is our duty to keep introduced species out of the environment to give our wildlife the best chance to survive.

Call us today for a catio quote and let your feline friends have all the fun without all the risk!