You want a safe yard, or workplace.  We get it.

You want your family and colleagues to be secure whether they're playing hide and seek or working in the great outdoors. We've got you! Snakes on a Plain offers snake fencing, yard risk assessments, and education so that you – and everyone you care about – stays safe. 

About Us

Snakes on a Plain is a family-owned and operated local business. We are passionate about Alberta's prairie landscape, and the unique animals that live here. Our founder, Sheri Monk, is a wildlife and conservation journalist. She has many years of rattlesnake experience and has travelled extensively throughout North, Central and South America to study venomous snakes. Both Sheri and her wife Alyssa are also trained and registered paramedics, adding another safety service to our portfolio.

Snakes on a Plain is committed to reducing conflict between people and snakes. We believe that empowerment comes from education. As we grow, we intend to incorporate other eco-services into our portfolio, such as installing bat houses, designing catios, (outside, contained play spaces for cats) and planning pollinator and bird-friendly yards.

We are all stewards of the land, and together we can create a safer world that has room for everyone.

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